Tracey McCleave

Frank Bell's Certified Equine Natural Horsemanship Trainer\Instructor




Born and raised in a family with two Grand Prix Jumpers, my parents started my journey in the world of equine. I am 49 years old with a life time of experience.  I started competing in jumping at the age of eight years old, coached and trained under many talented coaches and featured on CBC Television Show Oniva Season Finale 2012  teaching the One Rein Stop for our youth. 

Having studied behavioral psychology in college in Nursing, Managing, working and studying in a Certified Veterinary Hospital, apprenticing for a year under a certified Natural Foot Farrier and professionally training and schooling horses for over the past 29 years it has given me one of the most solid foundations towards my journey as a natural horsemanship horse trainer\coach.

I have had the privilege of incorporating my knowledge and experience of  behavioral science, both human and animal into my  program which has  allowed me to increase my level of horse training  in this life-long and rewarding journey. 

Understanding the growth both physically and  mentally in both humans and horses, it has allowed me to recognize their individual needs and incorporate a training program that is suited for both horse and rider within their skill set and physical capability.

Studying, practicing and being influenced by so many Natural Horsemanship (NH) trainers out there over many years throughout Canada and the USA,  I found myself studying under Frank Bell using his Seven Step Safety System. 

I am currently an Official Certified Instructor\Trainer under Mr. Bell.  It has helped me to work with horses using methods which involve giving to the horse, not just taking; compassion and empathy, rather than misunderstanding and frustration and the crucial One Rein Stop.

 NH is the foundation of my training/riding along with the passion and excitement of being privileged to watch the relationship flourish before me.

The techniques I use creates a deeper bonding experience prior to expecting anything from the horse until the horse is ready to give back naturally, comfortably and even eagerly. This is step #1 in The 7 Step Safety System, "BONDING".  We must "give" without expectation before we ask.  To allow their right to smell, touch, feel you, the human (predator) as trusting,to be relaxed and soft and be willing to give to our suggestions.

My training is  neither by force nor brutal tactics, but instead, focused on developing the foundation for trust, speaking in the natural language that all horses are born understanding and their God Given Right. 

When we use the 7 Steps in our daily relationship with our equine partners it allows for a natural flow of growth, trust and respect which makes for both a happier, safer horse and rider.

Believe that with NH theory, technique and timing of the 7 steps you can have solid foundation to that relationship you always wanted with your equine partner!!


I work with behavioral issues such as spooking and shying, aggressiveness and nervousness, jigging and prancing, mounting problems, pull back, hard to bit, herd bound\barn sour, proper foot handling, ears\clipping\bathing\spraying, difficult to saddle, proper leading, trailer loading, locating and treating pain, proper saddling and a whole lot more.



Whether you are a beginner or an experienced English rider\jumper or western with a green horse or seasoned one, my priority is placed on you and your goals for development, growth and success for both you and your horse.

My current standing in the equine community includes, Internationally Certified Instructor with Frank Bell, Capri Commercial Instructors Insurance, Vice President of the Boundary Horse Association (2008), Facility Manager; Double S Equestrian Facility (2008-2011), President \Executive Director of the newly formed North American Equine Rescue, R.E.I.N.S, and featured on CBC Television, Oniva  Season Finale.