Tracey McCleave

Frank Bell's Certified Equine Natural Horsemanship Trainer\Instructor


Tracey and Frank Bell in Arizona, USA, January 2007.

Natural Horsemanship

What is it?   Why is it different than other techniques??..

 Natural Horsemanship is also referred to as "horse whisperer"  it actually has nothing really to do with whispering into a horses ear however I have been asked if that is in fact what I am doing and it makes me smile every time I hear that.

It all starts with bonding as the basis of your foundation and the beginning of a trusting and respectful relationship with softness.

Communicating with the horse in a language that they can understand and were born to do.  Body language.  It is a natural understanding for them when we start our relationship with our equine partners.

Understanding that they can read your eyes, feel your touch and hear your voice/tone.  Using this "Natural" behaviour we as humans can build a higher level of communication with them.

As a Certified Trainer with Frank Bell and using his 7 Step Safety System as the foundation to any or all training programs it enables us, the human to do the following using the 3 T's;

Theory; Understanding the predator and prey psychology; how to communicate using your body language, softness rather than force, the tone of your voice, and the way you look at your equine partner all plays a key role in your relationship and much more.

Technique; How to incorporate the 7 steps into your training program using finesse, patience, laughter, enjoyment and understanding

Timing; Learning and understanding the timing of pressure and release.  Knowing when to ask and when you give.

 No two horses are alike; just like humans.  Remembering to go at the horses learning curve and not yours.  Each horse depending on age, knowledge, trust and willingness will learn on different learning curves.  Never rush your equine partner, be patient and give them the time to learn and trust what you ask and with that in return you will have a higher level of communication with your equine partner and a level of trust and loyalty that is beyond expression of words.

Enjoy your time and remembering to do what is best for your equine partner using trust as your foundation; not fear. 

The 7 Step Safety System will not only teach you a higher level of trust but will also give both you and your horse a soft place to go when needed with teachings of the One Rein Stop and Ballet in the saddle!!!

Who wouldn't want to dance with their partner!!