Tracey McCleave

Frank Bell's Certified Equine Natural Horsemanship Trainer\Instructor






Foal/Colt/Filly Starting (Under 3 yrs old)

My first contact with the foal or weanling, colt or filly, is going to involve deep bonding.  It's so important to have that first layer in any horse's foundation, deep bonding so that the horse will trust more when I ask them to do something. Without trust, you have nothing.
After bonding with foals, I prefer to baby step them to understanding pressure and release by rewarding for the smallest try.  Creating a "safe zone" for them when they get anxious, upset or uncertain..a place for them to go back too to regroup and feel "safe".
Having them yield easily, in any direction when asked, foot care, grooming and so much more.
*depending on the age will depend on how much ground work is started with them.  For further discussion on your partners needs please contact me.
Fee: $450.00 per horse; includes board and feed for a 4 week program.


Starting Under Saddle ( 3 yrs old and up)

All horse(s) are worked through the 7 Step Safety system.
4 Week Program
Walk\trot under saddle without consistency
Fee: $900.00 (includes board/feed) or;travel (please inquire for rates)

8 Week Program
walk\trot\canter under saddle with some consistency
Fee: $1700.00 (includes board/feed) or; travel (please inquire for rates)

*please see disclaimer below*

Behavioural Issues

Fee: $55.00 per session (one session per day)

Daily Board Fee: $25.00 per day per horse (this fee is structured for behavioral issue(s) and does not require the full training program).

Will come to your private home to work with your horse. Please inquire about details.


 *****As A Natural Horsemanship Trainer I will not start a horse under saddle under the age of 3 years old, sometimes older depending on my assessment of the horses physical and mental stability due to thier inability to emotionally and physically sustain such level of training for a healthy, safe, long lasting partnership with you.

Cantering will be limited for all horses under the age of 4 year old. Each horse has thier own learning curve.  The above Programs are goals to reach however final result will be to the mental, physical capacity of each horse.

Please contact me for full details and availability of above training programs and rates for training show jumpers.